Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mexican Cruise (Entry #1)

Back in October, my wife and I went on a cruise to Mexico. I chronicled our experiences on the cruise in a series of e-mails to my family and thought, "Why stop there?" So here are the posts in the order I sent them out. Just to give some background, Jess is my wife and we're not very active people.

October 16, 2006: Our Cruise So Far

Jess and I are starting our third full day aboard the Norwegian Star. So far we’ve had a blast! We got a late start out of L.A. because there's a chance some fool on the previous cruise threw his wife overboard on the way back to L.A. and the FBI had to do some investigating. It was wild! The dock in L.A. was a madhouse because everyone was there at the same time and the system they had in place couldn’t handle that. The staff, seasoned cruisers, and our travel agent said they’d never seen anything like it. All in all, I think we were lucky to get out of port only four hours late.

The weather the first few days was good, but we’ve had rain since last night. Also, whoever said that you can’t really feel the rocking of the ship is full of shit. Luckily, Jess and I are used to the motion now and we aren’t seasick at all. They say the captain made up two hours on the trip down to Acapulco and I suspect he did that by dumping some ballast, which is why we feel the rocking of the boat so much. Add to that the earthquake off Hawaii and I couldn’t get visions of the Poseidon Adventure out of my head. Luckily they said there was no tsunami detected, so we should stay upright.

Today we are going to try to go ashore in Acapulco if the weather clears up a bit. If not, we’ll just relax on the ship. Neither of us are particularly interested in seeing much of Mexico, so the ports of call are kind of optional as far as we’re concerned. So far we really like the cruise experience and we’ve been treated really well since we got a suite. We actually felt really good when we checked in because we were on the Top 35 list and got to go in a special line that was about 1/20th as long as the regular check-in line. Some people had to wait upwards of six hours to dump their luggage and check in. We were on board about 90 minutes after we got to the dock. Of course, we had to bribe a porter to take our luggage and I snuck us into the check in line 19 groups early. If I had to do it over again, though, I would.

Gotta go get ready for Acapulco! I'll let you all know how it goes.

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